Those who know me well realize I’m a modest person. Posting photos of myself in a bikini isn’t something that is normally in my repertoire. That’s where the Ten Day Athletic Transformation Cleanse turned my whole world upside down. Yes, my husband still thinks I might have lost my mind!

Happily, my personal Ten Day Transformation really wasn’t about what I lost, rather it has everything to do with what was gained. When originally introduced to Purium and its Ten Day Cleanse, I turned away with the all-knowing athlete’s mentality, thinking, “I’m already healthy; I don’t need a nutritional gimmick in my life. ” My friend, Richard, had emphasized that “this was no fad or diet.” Needless to say, I didn’t believe him but engaged in my Ten Day Athletic Cleanse if for no other reason than to attempt improving my running and perhaps to drop my “only one a day” Diet Coke and ever-increasing excuses to stop at Starbucks.

I’d read the reviews…people claiming they’d completed ten days and had swapped out their morning Starbucks in favor of Purium’s Protein Shake. PUH-LEASE!!!!! Too good to be true! Not only did I not believe it, I really didn’t want it to work. Diet Coke and Starbucks had kept me alive…They picked me up, they were readily available, they were my personal secrets to get me through the day feeling like a superhero.

…Except there were the headaches, and the hip pain, and the morning fog I woke up to every morning, as well as the increasing, hidden negativity. Of course, I wasn’t improving my racing pace. And, I was literally starving my body with protein bars, pretzels, and Diet Coke as my “go to” foods.

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Ten Days changed my life. I had no idea how positive and energetic I could feel, with no need to achieve nor sustain that feeling through manmade chemicals. Instead of losing weight, though that happened too, I gained more than I anticipated.


  • pH balanace
  • a  body free of (hip) pain and headaches
  • a faster running pace, an average of 45 seconds faster!
  • empowerment over food…no more fear, no more Diet Coke
  • lean muscles, strength, definition
  • knowledge about selecting food, my body’s nutritional needs, and meal preparation
  • positive outlook and a sense of peace
  • constant energy
  • the ability to influence my children, my family, and others through

Purium works. It’s pure, whole, plant-based, organic, non-GMO food. Who knew it was so simple to transform my life? If my posting a revealing picture helps to change one person’s life, it’s well worth my exposure! ….And, “NO, I’m not being paid to endorse any of these products!”

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