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Nutritional Testimonials



This has changed my energy, my desire to get up in the morning. I have see a world of difference in my attitude and over well being. When my hasimotos started almost 2 years ago, all I have done is gain weight and lose energy. I was so tired that I had to pull off on the side of the road just to take a nap to get some strength. My hair fell out and I dealt with constant bloat. None of this was any fun until I finally broke down and said I can’t stand the way I look. I felt awful and I didn’t want to do anything. When I finally asked my friend and transformation coach Shawn Calandrelle Burns and Kristen Tinker for help, this program changed my life!

Lisa, who has battled an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos for 2 years, celebrated lots of changes:

  • Weight loss: 15.5 pounds / Lost 10 inches total
  • Went from size 6 to size 0!
  • Energy increased / Less bloating



It’s the first time I’ve been down to 136lbs in about 15 years! I really just wanted to reset my system and my mind to eating right. I had serious caffeine addiction. 2 POTS OF COFFEE PER DAY, then top that off with 3-4 DIET MOUNTAIN DEWS and a MONSTER ENERGY DRINK EVERY DAY! Crazy, I know. So the 10 days really helped me get my act together! NO CAFFEINE, NO PROCESSED CARBS, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. JUST REAL FOOD!!! I feel great; sleeping through the night, joint pain severely reduced, clear headed!! Ready for the next 10,000 days!



I love waking up without severe sinus pressure and brain fog. My nose is not stuffy and without post nasal drip. It is amazing and very rare for me! My tummy feels much better, less stress/tension and sinus headaches! Even though I am only getting 5 hours of sleep, I seem to have energy! I feel like I am in my 20’s again! I have lost 2.5 inches in chest and 1.25 inches in hips. I’ve had 3 separate people comment about my changes, and my clothes are fitting looser, and I’m not craving sugar or candy.



I’ve lost 4 pounds and 4 inches! I’ve had no headaches since day 3, and I feel mentally brighter! My skin looks brighter. (I’ve actually went to the store without make up) The dark circles under my eyes have faded, and I have less joint pain. I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years and the power of the human body to heal itself never ceases to amaze me. I’ve had a retained suture from surgery 3 years ago. I noticed it seemed closer to the surface after the 10 day cleanse….2 weeks into the next phase and the suture fell out!!! Coincidence? I think not!



This second 10 days was probably more impactful than the first. My cravings are nearly non existent and my taste is amplified. I have very limited temptations… I just don’t crave the sugars like before.! I’m easily satisfied and have been grabbing at the green goodness like it’s second nature. I’m feeling strong and see great physical changes, especially with energy through the roof.


Dee Anna

I have not had bloating or a single stomach issue and I’ve stayed at 128lbs (down from 136). I have more energy, I don’t feel drained or run down by the end of the day. I am eating much smaller portions than I did before and consuming less alcohol. I don’t even have the urge to eat anything I know is bad for me because I know what it will do to my body. I have learned so much more about nutrition and the foods I should be eating daily. I am down from 3 cups of coffee a day to 1. Things are pretty AWESOME. Oh, and I am happier because I feel so good! I am so happy to continue.

heather _holovach_testmonial

  • Lost 21 pounds
  • Created balance
  • Decreased stress
  • Decreased aches and knee pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Shifted her career to her true love...coaching students!

And, it all started with getting life in include purging and getting rid of things that were not serving a healthy lifestyle. As Heather Holovach remarked, "everything is falling into place! Thanks to Kristen Tinker! ...Kristen is saving my life one phone call at a time! Thank you Kristen!"


Kristen and Dan

They completed my 10 day Reboot Program together, and lost a total of 12 pounds and a combined total of 6 inches!!!



After only 5 days, Trish shared...
I just may need new jeans after this! I'm starting to see long lost abs. Skin is clearer, not feeling puffiness in my face, and energy is WAY up....!!!!!



I am without reflux. And I am sleeping the whole night. This was for me better than anything. I was waking up 2 times every night, because the reflux and getting trouble to come back to sleep. I lost 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds). I am feeling great; this made me feel better again!

Teresa Weeks

After struggling with a sugar addiction (the sugar monster) and simply craving unhealthy foods, Teresa is on the road to a healthy lifestyle change with NO MORE cravings! Her energy level that used to drop during the day is now maintaining on a daily basis.After losing 6 ½ inches overall loss + 5 lb weight loss she is "Ready for Day 11 and beyond."

Tina Mila

Purium has taught me to take nutrition to a new level. I have always thought I ate healthy, and had good energy. I was skeptical of Purium because I have no thyroid and weight/ inches loss is next to impossible for me. So I work hard at being healthy and in shape already and felt I was doing well and had resigned myself to being heavier than I would like for the rest of my life. With Purium,in 12 days I have lost a total of 4 inches, kicked a twenty year coffee drinking habit and feel amazing! Thank you April Slater for the introduction to this amazing product! I look forward to many more positive results and thoroughly appreciate the wonderful support I have received!

Donna Hale Grosser

Donna completed a Ten Day Transformation and lost 10 pounds and 3.5 tummy inches (didn't measure elsewhere). With a slower metabolism after battling cancer in 2009, and despite 5 years of boot camps and other fitness interventions (like so many of us), Donna's weight loss has been an ongoing struggle....Until now!

This (transformation and continuing Core Three Nutrition) has helped me to add more vegetables into my diet, I have more energy and have not needed caffeine to get through the day. Despite birthdays and trips, I've lost 10 pounds and stayed at the same weight. This has boosted my nutrition, and keeps me mindful of what I'm choosing to eat.

Vicky Schnittger

I started the 10 day program to get more energy, to reduce my gut, and to lose 10 pounds. Kristen was always available by phone or email to answer questions and to offer me advice to reach my goals. She came up with great alternatives and positive solutions. I feel healthier, have lost about 5 pounds, and have more energy. I am eating healthier with the recipes that Kirsten has provided and have added healthier food to my daily diet. I like having a routine; it starts my week off on the right foot!

Courtney Krivak

Before starting my transformation I was scared. I was scared I would be hungry, that I wouldn't make it, and most importantly scared it wouldn't work at all. But after day 2, the process was all worth it! By day 5, I could tell my bloating was going down and I felt fantastic! The last 5 days were only up from there! My experience was totally worth it and I can thank Kelly Sandy and Kristen enough for all the support.

Katie McClellan

Katie originally signed up for the 10 day program and upgraded to the 40 day program. Here is her report on her progress: "Continuation is going well and I love the meal plans. I have made most of the dinners this week and they have been a hit with my daughter who is also committed to eating healthy. I am not doing this to lose weight. I am at a good weight for my height. I am doing this to eat nutrient dense meals. I have been filling up on empty calories for several months now and just needed to get out of that habit. I am so glad I took the leap and signed up to do the 10 day program and upgraded to the next 30. It is something I definitely needed to do!"

Haley Korsgiird

A few days into the transformation I had to deal with a crisis which took my focus off the diet and threw me into a depression. I was too preoccupied to eat correctly so I ate what was cooked for me. But I did drink at least one shake a day, sometimes two, with the aminos and super lytes. I did quit drinking my morning tea so at least I was starting the first half of the day right with the water and then the shake. I also only ate good snacks even though the main dinner usually was not clean. I don't know if it was the stress or the small change in diet that did it but I lost 7 lbs. in the ten days. I tend to think it was more due to the diet. So even if you can't do everything right, any effort seems to bring at least some good results.

Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer lost 10lbs and 7" and continuing with Core3 nutrition!!
I definitely don't feel sluggish anymore. I feel fresh and clear. I just feel healthy.

Natalie Walters

Finished her Ten Day Transformation Cleanse and lost 9.4 pounds, several inches, gained COFFEE FREE energy, and is sleeping well again!!

Athletic Testimonials


Lea Anne and Eric

Lea Anne and her husband, Eric, had a fantastic experience in their Ten Day Nutritional Reboot! With increased energy, decreased chocolate and coffee cravings, faster running, and Eric, who lost 9 pounds and 1 belt size, I’m simply ecstatic! And, I know Lea Anne and Eric are happy too.

I have not even wanted my dark chocolate m&ms and I tried to have a cup of coffee today…took a couple of sips and was like this doesn't have me anymore and didn't even taste that great - seriously winning!! Eric said his joints feel better and that he has lost 9 pounds and one belt notch while my energy has picked up HUGE!! I had a phenomenal run today! Did 10 miles at 9:12 pace and could've gone farther! Can't Beet This!!!!! Feeling great! I appreciate your support through this it really has helped us all. We have learned a lot and will carry this forward. This was life changing; it's like the chains were lifted!!..It just keeps getting better!



After one month of adding specific nutritional pieces into her daily diet, Tammy, who is preparing to run the Chicago Marathon shared...

Regarding my Nutrition, I've never felt better! The last 3 nights I've slept like a baby and my workouts have been more energized. Acid reflux is non existent! I know it's helping my cycle and strength training. Oh and I've had a few people tell me I look leaner. Weighed myself and I've lost 5 lbs since my doctor visit last month.



In February 2017, I began adding Organic Superfoods into my daily diet. I lost over 15 pounds in six months, I’m running faster with every single race, recovering so quickly that I run back to back weekend marathons, and I have great energy. The best part is that my health has improved. Just years ago, doctors told me not to run due to health concerns. I’m healthier, stronger, and more confident than ever….That's not luck!!!!…Superfoods have changed my life!



Karen, already in great shape, lost 3 pounds in her Ten Day Reboot Program and was hugely successful in sculpting her already athletically fit physique! Karen shared:

I know this is working because I’m doing things in Cross Fit that most woman my age wouldn’t dream of doing. I know this is working because strangers on the street are telling me. I know this is working because at the age of 54, I’ve decided to play tennis and I’m not just going to play, I’m going to compete and I have no reservation in believing that I will be successful. I know this is working because I have very little aches and pains in a world full of people taking prescription pain relievers in a world full of people that sit on the couch. I know this is working because no matter how frustrated I feel, I can run 5 miles and feel the world around me and get invigorated ! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m still here. Still striving. Still putting one foot in front of the other. Maybe I don’t do it perfectly. But, I’m better then I was. And that’s all I can ask from myself.



I feel good overalll...I don't think i could have been happier with the final outcome. I look forward to integrating more plant-based foods into my diet, and have reset my food cravings. I think the most surprising part was not being hungry... It was surprisingly easy to make it through this transformation, and with the beet-juice before Crossfit, I felt strong through the whole workout.



At 53, I was feeling sluggish and unhappy. I was not on any medication and my doctor still said people of my age would love to have my blood work, but I saw the handwriting on the wall and knew I needed to take control, really take control. Even though I was working out with Gina Szeman at Find Your Fitness with Gina on a regular basis and noticing changes, I still had this gut and middle girth, again thinking of the future and knowing abdominal fat can lead to heart disease.

After 7 weeks with this program, I am down 8 lbs, 3.5% overall body fat…and 6 overall inches! I will be 55 this year. I feel great, my night sweats are minimal, no hot flashes during the day if anything I am finally once again cold in my office. My husband tells me how great I look, how strong and determined I am and how proud he is of me. I look at food differently more often and ask how are you going to benefit me? My goal is to remain off medication, out of my doctor’s office and hospital. The support both Gina Szeman and Kristen Tinker continue to give back is priceless. I love this program and strongly believe it has played a major role with enhancing my nutrition and workouts and setting me on this path for the rest of my life. Heading out to the store on my straight speed cruiser and doing what I love and not worrying about what I am going to wear!

Check out Judy’s journey...

  • Lost 8 lbs
  • Down 3.5% overall body fat
  • Lost 6 overall inches
  • Shaved 1 minute off 5K time...a total PR (that’s 20 seconds per mile)!!!



One week of our working together is all it took... Michele Monokian, won third in her age group and got a personal record, by shaving off approximately 25 seconds per mile in a recent 5K!!! How did she do it?

Over the course of this week, we:

  • Identified proper paces
  • Strategized an effective warm-up
  • Planned for optimal fuel
  • Identified the mindset required to have positive self talk to handle the rough spots.

And then she executed flawlessly!



2 Years...
20 pounds lighter
10 minutes faster
A whole lot happier!

Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Smouse for her amazing and inspirational changes. Want inspiration to transform your own life? Read on...

I first met Kristen Tinker aka Pacer Kristen in 2014 at the Space Coast Marathon, after hearing many incredible things about her as an encourager of all things health, fitness, and nutrition! After following Kristen on social media, I was continuously encouraged by the recipes and the health tips she shared, which was perfect timing to drop the 20 pounds gained with the demands of medical school and the ups and downs of my personal nutrition and fitness.

My ultimate goal was to be a model of health for my future patients, to eat better, to get fit, to gain confidence, to run more, and to break personal half marathon records. Most of all, I wanted to break my annual pattern of ups and downs and to replace the cycle with a sustainably, healthy lifestyle that respects and honors God and the body with which He has blessed me.

So last fall, I trained for the Space Coast Half Marathon, determined to stay on track even after training was over. Before the race I had lost 10 lbs through eating more nutritiously, eliminating snacking, and better hydrating. With the knowledge I’d gained and the strength only God could give, I dropped 10 more pounds and even finished my most recent half marathon with a PR of 1:49:55, which is almost 40 minutes faster than my very first half marathon 7 years ago.

God has greatly used Kristen in my life too to inspire me throughout my journey. By following her tips and her enthusiasm about fitness and nutrition I have been so encouraged through every step of my journey! This summer, I will begin my Family Practice Residency in Wichita, KS, Kristen's home town, I am healthier and stronger and ready to guide my patients on their journey to health.

I can only pray that I am able to inspire and encourage others in the same way God has used Kristen to inspire and encourage me!



In just one month of our working together, Amy Della Rocca McLean, beat her personal half marathon time by 4 minutes and went SUB 2 HOURS through a personalized training plan! NEW PERSONAL RECORD: 1:56:26 (8:53 pace). That's approximately 18 seconds FASTER PER MILE! And, Amy did this with the backdrop of a few hills AND rainy weather! I'm totally IMPRESSED!

Here's what Amy shared: "I decided to finally tackle one of my goals.... to break the 2 hour mark for the half marathon. With the help of Kristen Tinker the plan was set..."

Amy's plan included:

  • Mindset work
  • Focused interval work
  • Specific strengthening exercises for speed
  • Specific exercises for full range of movement
  • Targeted nutrition to increase speed and endurance



Heather completed a Ten Day Reboot to jump start her running goal. With 9 pounds and 6 inches lost, Heather is well on her way to a new personal record!



As I head into 2017, I am 20 pounds lighter, over 20 inches smaller, and STRONG...all from changing my eating and adding Core 3. For all of you about to start your transformations tomorrow, it is worth it. It is never too late to live the life you were meant to live.



This was not a diet! 3 Weeks of overcrowding the daily diet with High Nutrient, plant-based foods, and Brent lost 18 pounds! Incredible coaching from Kelly at Green Pure Health too! I have energy, my joints don’t ache anymore, I can get up from resting without hurting. I am feeling great, am lighter, and more agile.

Rebecca Smith Reese

Kristen Tinker volunteered her time to Orange Theory Fitness, North Melbourne to present to our members the importance of making informed, educated food choices to fuel the body for working out. It was very well attended, with a lot of members eager to learn from her experience and knowledge. Her presentation was well prepared, providing handouts and leaflets to all who attended. She also provided samples and more for people to take home. We had allotted an hour and a half for her presentation, but people were so engaged and eager to ask questions, that a longer presentation was probably needed.Kristen’s enthusiasm for health, fitness and nutrition oozes through her as she presents. She is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. I would recommend Kristen to anyone looking for a health coach and nutritionist. I plan on having Kristen present again in the future.

Carmen Salazar

Good morning, when I started running with Evelyn my weight was 186, after a few weeks running I lost 5 lbs, so when I started Purium last Wednesday I was 181, so today I weighed myself and I lost another 2lbs, for me this is amazing because, Losing weight has been a huge struggle for me, just to give you an example I would only lose 1/2 a pound ...not even a pound in 30 days! I'm so excited! Very happy ! I thank God and you both!!!

Heather Dennee

Heather completed her 10 day Transformation, lost 4.5 lbs, and her belly just melted away…Heather reported feeling "lighter, happier, more clear and less drained....MORE OVERALL ENERGY!!!!"

Tiffany Ellis

Yesssss!!! I feel amazing! I am continuing on with the core 3. I lost 9 lbs! I bought a dress before I started and it was tight on the hips. It fits perfectly now with extra room. And, I have always had foot problems, a dull chronic pain in my right foot. It just dawned on me that my foot has not bothered me AT ALL since I have be taking Purium. The pain will literally will shut me down some days because it hurts to walk. Crazy. Just thought I would share that, how awesome!!

Tasha and Jason Wadsworth

Tasha and Jason have long been Health Warriors, but they decided a few weeks ago to embark on a focused Ten Day Athletic Transformation. After ten days, here are their results:

Tasha - lost 10 pounds and 5 inches!!!!
Jason - lost 12 pounds and 12 inches!!!
TOTAL: 22 pounds and 17 inches!!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! Read on....

But, that's only half the story...Due to a previous car accident, Tasha was also hospitalized during her ten days and they managed 3 young children throughout! Despite life's demands, Tasha and Jason stayed committed to Organic, Whole Foods, and their bodies responded well with the right instructions!

Lane Selman

It's been a shock how easy this has been. I haven't been hungry or irritable or have headaches etc the whole way through. I attribute that to detoxing from caffeine before the cleanse began. I have lost 8 lbs and plan to lose more with April helping me set up a good plan moving forward. I started exercising this week. All the aches and low energy I was suffering from before the transformation are gone. I knew this would work and address all those things I just really didn't think it would be easy and it really was. Also I am shocked how little food I need to eat. I counted calories and I was consuming about 1000 a day when I added up all the Purim shake and fiber etc. every shake I drank I used ½ cup unsweetened almond milk and ½ apple with ice in my Vitamix which is expensive but one of the best investments I've ever made. There's an enormous difference from drinking the purium with only water. Have you tried that?

Laura Singer

Thanks Kristen! I am truly grateful for all of you support through this new journey of wellness and health!