Vitamins L and P are the most under consumed vitamins across all demographics. They work together to modulate cravings, to support weight loss and to decrease risk of disease. Vitamins L and P are the critical and foundational pieces in all healthy diets. They make your meals more satisfying, more flavorful, and more enjoyable.

You’re likely wondering the names of this these magic vitamins and why you haven’t heard of them before now… You’re likely excited to purchase AND to buy stock in vitamins L and P! Me too! Yet you already have completely FREE access to both vitamins; you just need to learn how you can access them effectively and incorporate each into your daily diet. Oddly, most individuals are significantly deficient in Vitamins L and P.

Still not sure about these amazing micronutrients? I would argue they aren’t vitamins at all, since we know vitamins as micronutrients are required only in smaller quantities.  Vitamins L and P, however, are required daily in heaping doses. Without each, your health, weightloss, and happiness are severely compromised.

Still not sure about these mystery vitamins? Vitamin L (SELF LOVE/LOVE), and Vitamin P (PLEASURE) are unsuspectingly MACRONUTRIENTS! Without large daily quantities, your health is sure to suffer.

Love, self-love, and pleasure provide the base for all health!

I’ve gathered the most typical signs of deficiencies, which I’ve noted in clients who are lacking these vitamins.


  • Constant cravings
  • Overeating/binge eating
  • Obsessive behaviors (relative to exercise or food)
  • Sleep issues
  • High stress/anxiety, nervousness
  • Cravings for sugar, fats, salt
  • Chronic fatigue

Sound familiar? You’ve tried every diet. You’ve used amazing willpower, taken out your favorite, most indulgent and pleasurable foods, but nothing changes. You slip back into old behaviors while health and weight remain the same. There’s no surprise…pleasure and self-love were removed! It’s one ferocious cycle of failure, frustration, and self-loathing, which works to deplete Vitamin L and P even more! When you deprive yourself of pleasurable, loving relationships with yourself and others as well as with pleasurable food, you are also depriving yourself of your very existence.

Why not start adding Vitamins L and P to your “daily diet,” 

and then work on food choices?

We are wired for love and pleasure. We are also wired for indulgent eating pleasures. You see where things can get confusing here. The simple act of eating increases your pleasure hormones! So sometimes we get tripped up on life by going for the easy, fast food fixes to feed pleasure and love instead of adding true sources of Vitamins L and P from fun activities, building healthy and loving relationships, and above all loving ourselves.

Real, lasting changes happen when true pleasure and love increase in your life!

Likewise, studies have shown the nutritional value of food decreases when pleasure is removed. Restrictive diets, willpower, and starvation signal your body to survive, rather than thrive with love and pleasure. Without self-love, love, and pleasure, you’re sure to overeat, gain weight, suffer from high stress, poor sleep, and health issues! Adding pleasure and love/self-love with quality, healthy foods can actually provide a higher rate of nutrition and better health!


  1. Keep a “3 in 30” log – To build your self-love muscle and to increase positive self-talk, keep a notebook beside your bed for 30 days. Before bed, note 3 things or actions you loved about yourself that day. Read each one upon waking. Report each night/morning for 30 days.
  2. Slow the pace – Keeping a fast pace, 24/7 is not conducive for loving yourself or others. Slow your daily pace by taking a technology break each day for 30 minutes. Meditate, deep belly breath, go for a walk, or sit to journal your blessings/be grateful every single day!
  3. Confront the fear factor – What would you do with your life if fear were not a factor but pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment were king? Use a journal to note your thoughts. What were your high aspirations before life got in the way, and you settled for less, fell to the mundane, and spiraled into mediocrity?  Picture yourself and each family member in 1, 5, 10 years…what do you want that to look like? How will you make it happen?
  4. Be Bad – Somehow perfection and progress get confused in the health journey. By routinely adding a few “bad” actions (nothing immoral, illegal, and harmful) to your daily life, the pleasure factor increases. Push all the buttons on the elevator before exiting! Skip your gym day! Call in sick and watch movies! Be a bit bad and get empowered with happiness!
  5. Connect – If you want fun, loving relationships, then start there. Personally connect with an old friend (in person, sans technology) and then be the friend you seek to gain. We live in a social networking world, connect personally!

It’s time to stop separating pleasure, love/self-love and health. As pleasure seekers, a deficient Vitamin L and P state produces more stress hormone, slows metabolic rate, increases blood sugar levels, and drives our pleasure center even lower to maintain survival. It’s a vicious cycle…separating Vitamin L and P from health is self-sabotage!

This is not a love and pleasure versus health scenario…You don’t have to choose one or the other!

You were born to have pleasure, and it starts with self-love. Build your self-love muscle to truly connect and to be in healthy, loving relationships. From this flows pleasure..pleasure in relationships and pleasure in food. Front load your relationships, and don’t deprive yourself of food pleasure either. Add these steps to increase Vitamins L and P, and watch your health improve too!

In my private health coaching programs, I guide you to add more love, self-love, and pleasure into your life! Are you ready?