Are you overwhelmed with trying to develop the best strategy for meeting your weight loss goals and for achieving great energy? Tired of all the diet fads? Today is the day to STOP DIETING!

If you are like most, the vast amount of information and advice with many different sources telling you what TO DO and what NOT TO DO for health and weight loss is just too much to handle. You both can’t do it and don’t want to do it! I wouldn’t either!

When you are stuck trying to meet your goals, pick JUST ONE of the Ten Steps to Stop Dieting to implement DAILY over the next week. Only one this week, okay? 


Once you’ve mastered JUST ONE ACTION, pick another one of the Top Ten Health and Weight Loss Strategies and keep going until you have mastered incorporating ALL TEN into your repertoire. Before you know it, you have developed a healthy and sustainable lifestyle…WITHOUT THE FAD DIET! Dieting no more!

…Of course, this is what I help you to do in my Health Coaching programs! Learn to apply these strategies routinely, and you’ll be a healthier, happier you!

Look to incorporate these easy strategies into your repertoire….Only half of them are focused on eating!

Ten Steps to Stop Dieting and to have Optimal Weight Loss, Energy, and Performance

  1. Sleep! The secret weapon to mastering your goals is sleep! A recent, 2016 study showed that irregular sleep patterns disrupt your gut microbiome, the “quarterback” of your body. Your gut has so much control over your the health of your body that it’s referred to as the ‘second brain,” so when gut microbiome is compromised, so too is your immunity, weightloss, energy, hormones, mood, thought processes, and sleep! How can health and weight loss goals be met when all systems are dysfunctional? When you are well rested, your appetite hormones are regulated and you are better able to make smart choices that are based on need and not emotions or stress. What’s more, a good night’s rest equates to healthy cell functioning and efficient metabolic activity…Loosely translated, that means your fat furnace works well! Make sleep a priority! Aim for 7 hours of nightly sleep, with a solid bedtime routine
  2. Hydrate! Best practices recommend drinking 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces. The merits of drinking water, and plenty of it, are endless! Keeping yourself hydrated with lemon water means you are feeding your cells for proper cleansing of toxins, for aiding with weight loss, and for maximizing great skin and energy.
  3. Proper Fuel every few hours! Nutrient dense fuel throughout the day, which includes a balance of protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates, is ideal to maintain metabolism, energy, and healthy choices. Starving oneself throughout the day or missing meals causes one’s body to hold onto fat cells. What’s more frequent nutrition throughout the day means no binging at day’s end on all the “bad stuff!” …Don’t act like you haven’t eaten the wallpaper off the walls after a day of starvation! We’ve all been done this…never a good plan!
  4. Exercise! Those who include  exercise 4 to 5 times weekly for approximately 30-45 minutes reap the benefits of reduced stress, better sleep, less anxiety, better brain power, and improve wellness indicators, including weight loss.
  5. Strength Train! A regimen of just three weekly strength training sessions helps maintain weight loss and increases lean muscle and bone density, which in turn boosts your metabolism by at least 15%!
  6. Reduce Daily Eating and Fasting Time.  Those who experience the greatest weight loss/craving reduction stick to an eating time of approximately 10 hours each day (7:00 – 5:00 for example) with a greater fasting time (5:00 – 7:00). Eat whole, real foods and become a mindful eater to eat ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY, scaling back to 3 daily meals with 2 whole food snacks (not eating the 15 times noted in the study) and with a minimal 12-14 hour intermittent fasting period.
  7. Cut out Sugar! If there’s one thing that can make the greatest difference in your daily nutrition, it’s removing refined and processed sugars. Sugar increases dopamine levels, which in turns makes you crave more food and sugar in general. What’s more, sugar provides no vitamins or minerals and provides empty calories. For all practical purposes, sugar is an invader in your body. It creates stress, increases insulin, triggers your body to store fat, and creates a viscous cycle of cravings. Did I mention it’s also addictive? Those who cut out sugar realize weight loss goals and improved health metrics, including decreased cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever have it, or even an adult beverage (step #8), but those are planned and deliberate inclusions into your healthy day, and centered around moderation. You can’t be perfect, and shouldn’t try to be…Otherwise, it will be the demise of your healthy routine!
  8. Limit Alcohol! Needless to say, poor nutritional choices are made when alcohol is involved, not to mention these are added, empty calories!
  9. Eat Clean, Plant-Based foods! I’m not talking about going vegan and eating raw, bunny food! When you eat plant-based, you ditch the dieting restrictions and focus on what you NEED to eat! A diet tells you not to eat carbs; a plant-based eating plan tells you to eat quinoa, because it’s loaded in clean, plant protein. So, what’s “clean?” Clean eating basically means your diet is composed of real, whole foods that have not been changed, enriched, fortified, or modified from the original state. It is a lifestyle choice, and you are EMPOWERED to make the best choices you can everyday! Obviously when you eat clean, you eliminate processed foods and sugar which results in a better mood, better sleep, better skin, greater energy, weight loss, and overall better health. Eating “clean” and “plant-based” are pretty much synonymous…you practice one, and you get the other! Think whole, real foods!
  10. Minimize Stress! Easier said than done! But, stress is linked to obesity. When our basic needs of sleep and stress are lacking, the two hormones that control hunger and appetite, ghrelin and leptin are also thrown into a tailspin. It becomes impossible to sense true hunger and to monitor when you are truly full. What’s more, stress releases cortisol excessively, which in turn creates obsessive cravings, particularly for comfort foods…not always the healthiest options!

Apply these ten steps routinely, and you’ll be a healthier, happier you, minus the diet! Feeling challenged to get started? That’s what my health coaching programs provide! It all starts with a thoughtful conversation! Schedule your free consultation to decide which program is best for your needs!