...cough, cough, sneeze, sniffle

Oddly, we treat immunity REACTIVELY instead of PROACTIVELY!

Most individuals wash hands or use antibacterial gels and ride on a prayer not to get sick. This is great, but failing to realize that your body is dealing with millions of bacteria 24/7 from eating, breathing, and just plain old living puts you at a huge risk if not taking daily steps to protect yourself!

You don't need to come into contact with a sick person to get sick!...Really!

And I'm not saying you shouldn't wash your hands or cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, but It's critical to be proactive and protect yourself from latent infections.

Here's how...Boosting your immunity is as simple as eating the right foods throughout the day, all year long!

How? Boost your immune system by eating lots of vegetables and fruit daily (aim for 8 servings!), especially the ones mentioned in the image. You already know to eat your vegetables, but you may not know that particular ones, especially kale and broccoli/cruciferous veggies, contain compounds that engage your immune system to fight pathogens and also to block the effects of of certain toxins and pollutants. Please note, your immune system needs fortified all day long since the effects of phytonutrients last only a few hours!

When you eat sufficient produce (again, I recommend 6 daily vegetable servings and 2 fruits for a total of 8), you create natural prebiotics and probiotics in your gut, which ultimately keep your gut bacteria functioning effectively for a lean and healthy body all year long!

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