It’s just FUN to say! But, to eat?!?!?

So many individuals run in the opposite direction at the mere thought of eating mushrooms. I don’t know if it’s that they grow in dirt, that they’re a very earthly color, that they lack much flavor, or if it’s just the idea of eating FUNGUS. Regardless, it’s time to give this forest-growing fungus another look. They are a powerhouse of nutrition!

Mushrooms, long celebrated in Eastern cultures for their health benefits, are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium. Happily, mushrooms provide important nutrients and minerals, and the single most important one is ERGOTHIONEINE!

Ergothioneine, an amino acid found in mushrooms, is the secret to accessing your body’s ENERGY and long term health, so it’s worthy of memorizing the name and understanding its benefits. But, with Ergothioneine’s complicated pronunciation and spelling, let’s just refer to this transporter protein as “ERGO.”  

Researchers have long known about ERGO and its health benefits, realizing that ERGO provided protection to the DNA in the nucleus of our cells. What researchers found particularly noteworthy and unique about ERGO, however, was its significant concentrations in the body tissues that sustain significant oxidative stress, particularly in the liver and eye lenses. They found ERGO to be THE ONE AND ONLY AGENT able to access and protect the Mitochondria, the very sources of energy in our cells! This is getting HEAVY!!!! Think of it this way…Nuclear substations convert stored energy into electrical energy, ultimately powering up your home and your computer. Same thing. ERGO penetrates your mitochondria, providing anti oxidative protection thereby releasing energy and long term health. IT LITERALLY POWERS YOU UP!!

This is where you’ll start looking at FUNGUS and the MUSHROOM in a whole different light!

Mushrooms are the single most effective source of ERGO for your body! Black beans provide the next best source, but not even close to the amount of ERGO provided. Still not convinced? Just as your car sustains oxidation, so too does your body. Chemicals and toxins, even the metabolic function cause free radicals, also known as oxidative stress, to occur in your body. It’s part of living…no different that the slow breakdown of those wires that provide electricity to your home. Over time, the wires will sustain such damage that at some point your energy eventually is shut down. You must protect yourself from oxidative stress at the mitochondrial level, and with MUSHROOMS being the ONLY EFFECTIVE source of ERGO, the agent to penetrate the mitochondrial wall…it’s time to eat up!!!!

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