Losing weight is a precarious balancing act, and the challenge is real regardless of your age, culture, gender, or fitness level. I don’t know a single person who is not concerned at some level about his/her weight…including myself. Believe me when I say I’ve seen it all, and I’ve tried it all, including Jenny Craig (circa age 20, 1990) as well as my self-created dietary creations, including the Baby Food Diet. But, tricks don’t work!

Please throw behind all the mind-body tricks and dieting gimmicks. Eating with your non-dominant hand, exercising while you watch TV, using a smaller plate, and wearing tighter fitting clothes as an eating deterrent might help with food restriction or reduction, but they certainly won’t help you to lose and to keep off fat loss and they don’t work towards the goal of overall improved health. Changes must happen at the cellular level for lasting impact. Your gut has to get healthy. Your hormones and chemistry must change. If you are just counting calories and trying to “outsmart” a bad diet without impactful changes to the health of your body, cravings will continue and you might lose weight, but not fat cells.

Changing the way you naturally eat minus tricks, gimmicks, or fads is the only way to experience lasting changes. Each of these can be implemented today, and you will experience changes immediately because your cells are satiated, your cravings will dissipate, and you will have the benefit of tangible benefits (more energy, better skin tone, weight loss) such that you are driven to continue a healthier lifestyle. And, each of these can be implemented today! Let’s get started!


Fiber feeds your intestinal bacteria (microbiota) and forms a short chain fatty acid, Butyrate. Butyrate gives your intestinal cells energy, it decreases inflammation and decreases your risk of cancer and disease. What’s more, the right amounts and types of fiber, a soluble or insoluble carbohydrate that cannot be digested, supports satiety and weight loss. Insoluble fiber bulks stools and provides intestinal support. Soluble fiber, however, contains viscous fibers that create a gel-like substance in your gut. The gel-like substance allows you feel full longer since it is digested slowly and allows you absorb more nutrients. Purium’s Rice Bran Solubles in their Caramel Apple Fiber specifically provides the gel-like substance with its beta glucan, the result of which (over a 90 day study**) is an increase in the hormone, adiponectin, which helps with weight loss and leanness. Eat your fruits, veggies, beans/legumes, whole grains and seeds (chia in particular) to protect your gut’s lining and to secure your health.

Purium’s Caramel Apple Fiber  is your best insurance policy for daily fiber. A medical study using 20 grams of Stabilized rice bran (the same ingredient and in the quantities provided in Purium’s Power Shake and the Caramel Apple Fiber) consumed over 12 weeks increased study subjects’ adiponectin by 30.7- 44.3%. This is statistically significant because adiponectin levels are approx. 40% higher in lean individuals over those who were considered obese.


Controlling Insulin is key when trying to lose weight, and the best way to keep insulin at a healthy rate is to eat the more nutrient dense, non-starchy foods on your plate FIRST! Normally with hunger, we are driving to eat the heavier, fattier foods that satiate quickly and we leave the fruits and veggies behind. Try eating in reverse! Load your plate with more nutrient dense foods and eat them first before the pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes. Use Dr. Fuhrman’s ANDI Scale (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) to gain insight into how popular foods stack up in terms of micronutrient density per calorie. The more nutrient-dense food you consume, the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories. Eat the nutrient dense foods FIRST!!!


Eating protein speeds up muscle production for increased metabolism and subsequent fat burn. Cutting calories when dieting means your protein must increase to prevent muscle wasting. When you increase your protein, your blood sugar and insulin are better regulated, you feel full, cravings are minimized, and best of all, you will also develop long, lean beautiful muscles! Eat your protein to lose weight!

Looking for the best protein source and a solid insurance plan for consuming your daily essential amino acids (protein)?

Purium’s Super Amino 23 provide a 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization rate as compared to meat (32%NNU), eggs (45% NNU), beans/legumes/dairy (17% NNU). Super Amino 23 is pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that has been featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference and is comprised of specially fermented non-soy legumes. 99% of the amino acids get utilized in 23 minutes or less, creating bigger muscles, more power for your workouts, support for protein synthesis and weight loss.


Boost your good bacteria for a healthy gut that signals your body to burn fat…your gut is your second brain! When you eat fermented or cultured foods, you are working to build a healthy gut…a stronger “brain” to do its job! Mayo Clinic researchers analyzed the gut bacteria of 26 weight loss patients and found specific bacteria associated with better weight loss success.

Aim to add prebiotic foods daily to feed your good bacteria (see Tip #1…Especially consider leeks, onions, garlic, asparagus, beans, oats, and spinach, bananas, and whole wheat) and eat at least one fermented/cultured probiotic food daily for added live bacteria:

🍴 to improve digestion

🍴 to increase nutrient absorption

🍴 to fortify your immune system

🍴 to reduce your risk of disease

🍴 to provide beautiful skin

🍴 to think better


My favorite fermented foods include Farmhouse Gut Shots (Garlic Dill Pickle and Ginger Beet), Kombucha, Sauerkraut and Kimchi (with no added sugar) and homemade pickles . Build a healthy gut with fermented foods and drop those unwanted pounds! Then head to the website to schedule your free health coaching consultation for starting your personal health journey.


Understandably, social media can be a time drain and can sometimes evoke feelings of comparison, but social media can also work to your advantage. Posting your goals provides instant accountability, and not just with one friend, but with many! What’s more, your online community can provide support as you share successes and challenges. In a 2017 study, dieters who shared their journey online were more likely to stick to their goals and to meet them! Get posting!


Stress can sabotage even the best of diets, so turning off the “flight or fight” sympathetic nervous system and turning ON the parasympathetic  “rest and digest” nervous system is critical to weight loss. Deep belly breathing is ideal to move your body out of stress mode and into fat burning mode. Likewise, a yoga practice increases mindfulness, body awareness, and works to restore a better balance for decreased stress. On study found that individuals who participated in a 30 minute weekly yoga practice were less likely to gain weight over a 10 year period. What’s more, participants who practiced yoga lost approximately 5 pounds as compared to their non-yoga counterparts, who gained an average of 14 pounds. Strike a pose and breath!


In a study, those who slept 7.5 hours nightly experienced greater weight loss and more than half of the weight loss was from fat.

When you get proper (7ish hours) sleep…

🎉 Daily caloric burn increases

🎉 Appetite decreases (hormone gherlin decreases)

🎉 Energy increases to workout

🎉 Willpower increases

🎉 You will feel full longer (hormone leptin increases)

🎉 You improve your ability to stay on track with diet

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 50–70 million adults in the United States have chronic sleep and wakefulness disorders!* Don’t let yourself be a stat! Get at least 7-8 hours nightly sleep and lose weight! Any less, and you increase your hunger hormone, ghrelin, that makes you want to eat more.

Purium’s Organic Apothe Cherry is a perfect insurance policy for quality sleep since it contains natural melatonin, which helps to balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep.

If you are wanting to lose weight but confused about what to eat and when to do it, my Health Made Easy 10 or 40 day program is perfect for you. You’ll learn how to overcrowd your day with the right foods, in a fast and easy way!


We’ve long known that the more muscle mass you have, the more you will burn calories both during and after exercise, and strength training, in particular has the ability to boost resting metabolism. Happily, weight training can be done anywhere, and your bodyweight can be just the perfect resistance to get started with simple exercises such as (wall) push-ups and planks, ab crunches, tricep chair dips, wall sits, squats and lunges. Practice good form, and this might just the boost you needed to move your body beyond “the plateau.” Compound exercise is the most effective to become a fat burning machine, since it requires you to work more than one muscle group at a time (think squats with dumbbell punches, planks, etc..).


Those who engaged in compound exercises or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) experienced 28% more fat loss than those who moved only at low and moderate intensities. HIIT requires short bursts of hard work/go fast exercise, such as burpees, alternating with easy work/slower paced exercise, such as walking in place. Happily, exercise and especially HIIT also promote the release of adiponectin, adrenaline, and testosterone, each of which enable fat to be used as energy and moved from dangerous visceral regions, while also moving fats and glucose out of the blood stream. Get moving!


If you are like the average American, most of your calories happen after 12:00 noon. Skipping breakfast is a common trend with Starbucks anchoring the morning drive, yet a study in the journal Obesity showed that breakfast eaters, in particular those who ate a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and light dinner, lost more weight and had lower blood glucose levels than those who ate traditionally with increasing food intake and calories as the day progressed, always with a big dinner.

Ditch the fad diets! Adopt a healthy lifestyle of lasting changes and easy actions. Healthy should be easy, and it explains why individuals lose nearly 12 pounds in my Eat Better, Get Fit Program Are you next?