Think again!

In a previous blog, I wrote a tome on  how to “MAKE ONE CHANGE!” to improve your life and to meet healthy lifestyle goals. I’m a girl who likes easy steps to follow, a map to direct, and measurable expectations to determine success. Sometimes, the plan doesn’t work! And, that’s what I see routinely in my clients.

With so many health and diet plans on the market…Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc…you’d think having a plan, having a formula would make a world of difference and we’d all be healthy. Why don’t they work? Why aren’t they enough?

Your body needs nutrient dense foods for a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes that requires supplementation to determine healthy gene expression. ~ Kristen Tinker

We don’t baulk at taking Motrin for pain, we don’t flinch with wearing padded bras, we don’t even mind an occasional multivitamin. So, why do we fear a routine, daily supplement in the daily diet? Ideally we would get all nutrients from our foods, but put into practice with the Standard American Diet (SAD), it’s just impossible to obtain. Here’s why…

  1. Soil Depletion – Without crop rotation, the soil is unable to fortify nutrients and bacteria to produce crops that thrive.
  2. Chemicals – Plants are pretreated and sprayed to resist pests and to grow and be harvested rapidly.
  3. Shipping foods to market – Out of season foods, shipped all over the Country, and picked before nutrients are developed causes the vitamins and minerals to be lacking.
  4. Exercise – When you exercise, additional nutrition is required to combat oxidative stress and to support energy demands.
  5. Extreme diets – When balance is lacking and extremes are practiced, full nutrients cannot be ingested. All foods provide a range of nutrients, and they work synergistically For example, Vitamin D supports calcium absorption. When animal protein is removed from your diet, a significant source of Vitamin D is removed and your body robs the bones for calcium.
  6. Age – As we age, our digestive abilities diminish and with that, food is not absorbed as effectively. What’s more, we don’t produce certain hormones as effectively as we age. Melatonin is a perfect example of this. You lose melatonin, the “sleepy hormone” with age; it’s no wonder we stop sleeping well in middle age!
  7. Farming practices – Chemicals, toxic drying agents, cheap, GMO animal feed, and many times cruel animal practices all plague the crops and animals provided in your daily diet. With poor farming practices (yes, I’m a midwest girl raised on farms!!), it’s challenging to eat wholesome food that provides high energy and happiness in your body.
  8. Nutrient-less, processed fast foods – When Gummy Bears and Chex mix are provided at every checkout stand in local stores, it’s no wonder we load up on empty calories and no nutrients! We are surrounded by high calories, low nutrients, many with the confusing “all natural” labels!
  9. Lifestyle – Fast is the name of the game. There is little time to food prep, grocery shop, pack health lunches! Add to that high stress and little sleep. It’s a recipe for poor eating habits that lack nutrients.
  10. Cost – Eating organic, nonGMO costs….ALOT! Having supplements to insure organic, quality, nonGMO nutrients is like an insurance policy for health!

Eating real, whole foods from an organic farm with great soil rotation, no chemicals, with an exacting formula to get all the right nutrients in the right quantities all year long is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, even for the healthiest people! 

Still don’t believe me? My friend Kelly, who battles Multiple Sclerosis (MS), was already a healthy eater; one who was keenly aware of chemicals, sugars, and processed foods. Yet, all of Kelly’s health parameters improved when she began to supplement Organic Superfoods into her daily diet.

Kelly wrote:

“October 5, 2015, I started day one of the Ten Day Reboot. In ten days, I lost 8 pounds and 13 inches (arms, thighs, hips, belly, and ribs). My energy improved as well as my MS symptoms. Following the ten days, I continued to have one protein shake every day throughout the holidays as well as to continue giving my body the nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle. On January 1, 2016. I stepped on the scale to find that I lost a total of 17 pounds! I still marvel at how deeply I sleep at night and how wonderful I feel after my power shake every day!”

Kelly’s MS symptoms have become largely dormant! Only through proper Supplementation was she able to thrive.

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