🍷👉🏻🍷? MOM NEEDS WINE? 🍷👈🏻🍷

Wine Mom Culture is REAL
Wine Mom Culture is alive
Wine Mom Culture is thriving
Wine Mom Culture is the “elephant in the room”

I enjoy an occasional glass of wine too, but when I spotted several items while shopping in a local boutique, each one targeted at moms’ drinking wine to survive (the pictured dishtowel is one of them), I realized it’s TIME to THROW THIS ISSUE OUT ON THE TABLE and address it head on!

Uncorking a daily glass of wine as you prepare dinner or even while folding laundry has become part of daily culture. It’s the Mom Wine Culture. “Mom’s survival juice!”….It’s REAL! I know! I’ve had my days too! Let’s face it, according to stats, the average Mom works 98 hours weekly! That’s the equivalent of two-and-a-half full time jobs! Is this a driver in the Wine Mom Culture? Absolutely! Those kinds of work hours and demands would drive anyone to drinking…Happily, there are a few upsides to an occasional glass of wine.

Wine has great health benefits. Truly it’s loaded with antioxidants, has been shown to reduce risk of stroke and heart disease, and it lowers cholesterol, not to mention its been shown to boost immunity.

But, let’s put that back into perspective. As they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch!”…or in this case, a “free glass of wine!”


One of the biggest issues surrounding frequent wine consumption is unsuspecting dehydration. Even small quantities zaps the hormone that sends hydration back into your body and wine also acts as a diuretic.  Add to that, if you are drinking copious amounts of wine, you likely are also being triggered for less healthy foods and aren’t consuming sufficient water either! 

Routine and large quantities of wine quietly

create a scenario for dehydration and weight gain!

Consider this, an average glass of red wine provides 125. Drink 2 glasses three times weekly, and you have yourself an additional 39,000 calories each year!!…That’s 11 extra pounds you could gain in one year!! No thank you! Stick with water, kombucha, coconut water, or an herbal tea!

I’m not saying water or any of these other beverages are going to kick a wine habit to the curb. Rather, it’s critical to be mindful that our actions are not one dimensional and create a domino effect of sometimes unforeseen negative consequences. Water is just one example of this relationship! And, water also provides a great solution!

Wine also has some very serious emotional drawbacks, especially when driven by an acceptable MOM WINE CULTURE that gives both the stamp of approval and even promotes drinking a daily glass or two, or even worse the occasional nightly bottle, to survive or to make everything okay.

Wine in routine and excess quantities comes with a price tag of physical, health, and emotional consequences, because truly this issue goes way deeper than the nutritional argument! Wine cannot address the real issues and concerns that inevitably coexist with parenting. What’s more, it sends the wrong message to our children about coping mechanisms and how to get proper help, particularly in the face of 98 hour weeks! Do we really want our children to perceive that “Mom can do it all, but only with a bottle of wine?” 

I suggest using a journal to note the following:
👉🏻🍷Is there a pattern of routine wine consumption?
👉🏻🍷Are there triggers preceding the daily glass?
👉🏻🍷What are daily quantities consumed?
👉🏻🍷What need is wine serving? 
👉🏻🍷Is life out of balance? 
👉🏻🍷Are there increased risks due to wine drinking?

If routines, consistent triggers, and excess quantities are noted and/or you answered “yes” to several questions above, it’s time to seek out help from a trained professional, a health coach, counselor, or psychologist.

This topic isn’t easy. I get that too. And, your life, your health, your family, your happiness are worth it!