Finally, Spring is on its way! Join the PK 30 Day Challenge Group and hit Summer 2018 looking FANTASTIC and feeling CONFIDENT!

These 30 days offer you the opportunity to launch a healthy lifestyle with weight loss, confidence, and full-on energy, all built upon a nourishing relationship with food and with your body.

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Starting with an active choice to Move Back Into Your Body, I will guide you through a dynamic process centered on Primary Food, the relationships, habits, routines, and self-concept that drives your relationship with Secondary Foods, that which you eat and drink.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, I developed the Move Back Into Your Body 30 Day Program to address both Primary and Secondary Foods, for deep healing at the emotional, physical, spiritual, and cellular levels for healing and happiness. Nutrition is just one piece of the process, but its cellular influence is so great that it provides room for this process of self-fulfillment.


My Challenge group runs April 30 through May 29, and I’m committed to supporting you daily with 30 Days of Fitness and Meals, through daily emails, an online community, and a NEW PK Phone App!…REALLY! You don’t want to miss this!

Psst, read the details below…You will see that you actually SAVE $300 doing this program!

Secure payment on PayPal. With your PayPal payment, you will receive your receipt of payment, a Facebook welcome, and a Getting Started Right Challenge Email.


Included in the 30-Day program:

  • 30 Days of Organic/nonGMO Superfoods Nutrition (soy, whey, gluten free)
  • Getting Started Right Challenge Email
  • 30 Exclusive PK Challenge Guide
  • Daily Support and Accountability
  • My Best Tips for Staying on Track
  • Nutritional and Health Coaching
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan with an interactive phone app NEW!
  • Weekly Meal Plans on the phone app NEW!
  • Private Access to my Live Fully In Your Body Facebook page
  • $50 gift card towards your Challenge Program

PRICED FOR THE SUMMER: ONLY $169 plus $9.95 shipping. That’s a total of $178.95…. The retail cost for this program is $469!

 Group runs April 30 through May 29, and is limited to 30 spots.

Register today with your secure PayPal payment for $178.95! Please be sure to include your email and mailing address for proper shipping and to receive your receipt and your Getting Started Email! 

**Whether you are new, returning, or continuing with this Nutrition, you will pay as described above, and the Nutrition will be sent directly to you. Even if you already have the Nutrition on hand, you will want to continue beyond the 30 Days and will be glad to have Superfoods on hand!