PK 40-Day Metabolic Reboot!


The Way You Eat Is The Way You LIVE!

Our foods play a role in your confidence, your ego, your mental performance, and your daily actions. Your body thrives on quality nutrients, so my Move Back Into Your Body Program uses nutrient-dense superfoods, slow-burning carbohydrates and highly digestible protein. It is all vegan all natural, with no additives, synthetics, or preservatives. You’ll start with a Ten Day Reboot and then continue with 30 days of Core Nutrition as your base. Your body will receive 40 days of daily, required nutrients, to do its job effectively. This is the perfect complement to our work together through body, mind, and spirit.

I’m In!

Move Back Into Your Body Program

Included in your 40-Day Program:
  • Reboot Guide
  • Weekly, Personalized Health Coaching
  • Recommended Shopping List
  • Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Private Access to my Facebook page
  • Optional: 30 days of customized meal plans through the PK phone app NEW!
  • Optional: 30 days customized fitness plans through the PK phone app NEW!

AND Nutrition for 40 days:

  • Ten Day Reboot
  • 30 Days of Core Nutrition (Gluten Free Apple Berry Power Shake, Super Amino 23 Protein, Apothe-Cherry Juice)

Nutrition Is Key to Success

I personally rely heavily on a plant-based diet. I enjoy whole foods to fuel my body. Having said that, after significant research, I found and now use Core Nutrition on a daily basis for a super clean way (no additive is of any kind) to get the macro and micro nutrients we require. They are also organic, non-GMO, gluten, soy, and whey free and vegan. One daily protein shake provides nutrient-dense vegetables while the Super Amino 23 supplement reboots your metabolism with a clean protein source and assists in firm skin tone. Finally, the Apothe Cherry Tart concentrate allows your body to fight free radicals, and it provides your body with melatonin for sleep and anti-inflammatory properties. These combined with my healthy eating plan, which is also provided, allow you to burn fat and to build lean muscle. Diets are restrictive, a healthy lifestyle is inclusive and rich in nutrients. You will love how your body feels with 40 full Days of nutrient-dense Superfoods combined with real, whole foods.

Don’t wait! Join PK’s Move Back Into Your Body 40-Day Metabolic Reboot Program today!

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Following your initial Health History Consultation and receipt of payment, you will receive your Nutrition and Challenge Guide.