Private Health Coaching

My Private Health Coaching programs provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach towards your wellness by addressing and establishing balance with the many influences in your life. Creating balance, personal goals, and weekly actions through a 6 month program allows you to overcome typical sabotages to a healthy lifestyle.

If you find yourself running thin, taking care of everyone else and constantly pushing aside your own happiness, health, and sanity, it’s time to shift gears and to operate at a higher vibration. Intuitively, you know your health matters, you know the person you used to be, and you remember the dreams you had, but life got in the way! It happens!

If you are feeling stressed, exhausted, irritated, guilty, disappointed, frustrated, angry, or maybe just no more excitement about life, you've likely moved OUT of your body. In my Private Health Coaching Programs, I help you connect dreams, happiness, balance and living fully in your body, just as you did before life got in the way!

Whether your goal is to boost your energy, decrease your stress, increase your happiness, improve your sleep, reduce your stress, lose weight, get in shape, learn to listen to your intuition or grow your spiritual connection, we will work together to create a customized coaching program to support you.  You will have 2 coaching sessions per month over 6 months via telephone or Zoom teleconference, where you will develop balance across the primary and foundational pieces that create and sustain a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, spirituality, relationships, and career.

Included in your 6 month program:

  • Private Facebook Community
  • Weekly Live FB support
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Bi-weekly private coaching sessions via telephone or Zoom teleconference
  • 8 Foods You Should Eat Daily Guide
  • Shopping Guide
  • Snack Guide

Also included in only in your 6 month program:

  • Customized, online, family weekly meal plans for the year. These are designed and accessible via your phone or computer according to the number of times you choose to cook, how many are in your family, the time you are able to cook, and food preferences. Every week, you will receive the accompanying recipes, grocery lists, and even a link to Instacart for grocery delivery!

Empower your life and regain a sense of confidence and empowerment! This is a premium package for those who are seriously ready to focus on specific needs, to become empowered in life, and to Move Back Into In Your Body.

Schedule your free Health Coaching Consultation. We will complete a Health History and decide which program is right for you!