10 and 40-Day Health Made Easy Programs

My signature Health Made Easy programs will help you kickstart your metabolism, increase effective cellular function, feel healthier, more confident and increase your nutrients while decreasing irritants! Choose one of the two programs below.

10-Day Health Made Easy Program


For 10 days you will:
  • Eat clean, whole foods
  • Take a break from inflammatory, less nutrient-dense foods
  • Learn the 8 foods to eat daily to prevent inflammation and disease
  • Kickstart a sustainable, healthy lifestyle using whole foods and supplementary organic, non-GMO, superfoods
  • Receive private daily support from me via email and a private Facebook group
What you can expect:
  • Healthy weight loss (average loss is approximately 12 pounds)
  • A metabolic and digestive reset
  • Break addictions to harmful foods
  • Flush toxins and Balance pH
  • Balance hormones and sugar levels
  • Learn how to listen to your body for more mindful eating
  • Improve your complexion for glowing, healthy skin
  • Noticeably increased energy
  • Less aches and pains
  • More restful sleep


December 2

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40-Day Health Made Easy Program

This is the premium nutritional package. You will REBOOT for 10 days and continue with 30 days of nutrition and support from me as you move back into your body.

Included in your 40-Day Program:
  • Reboot guide
  • 40 days of health coaching
  • Recommended shopping list
  • Private access to my Facebook page
  • 30 days of continuation meal plans templates
  • Unlimited private support via email and phone consultation
AND Nutrition for 40 days:
  • Ten Day Reboot +nutrition included in the cost of the program!
  • 30 Days of Core Nutrition (Gluten Free Apple Berry Power Shake, Super Amino 23 Protein, Caramel Apple Fiber, Apothe-Cherry Juice; nutrition is also included in the cost of the program!)
How Is This Uniquely Different than the 10 Day Program?

The 40 Day Program was designed for those who are ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Diets have a start and a stop timeframe, so the 40 day program allows the perfect time to rebuild effective gut health and to develop a daily practice of long-term healthy eating alongside my support.


December 2

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