Are You Ready For a Whole Body Restart? With my REBOOT Programs, you will release toxins and shed a few pounds while providing your body with whole foods, real foods and superfoods, and it starts with just 10 days.

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see Your body responds to quality nutrients in a very short time, so in ten days, you can begin to reboot your body and your health. Ten days is just right to start feeling great again and to begin building a healthy lifestyle. For ten days, you will give your body a vacation from processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and the acid-based diet that surrounds you. This is an Alkaline enriched eating program that will flush out the acid forming foods, rejuvenate your gut health, and detoxify your body at the cellular level. Perfect for athletes too, it boosts energy, helps develop lean muscle, enhances performance, and aids recovery.

How do you want to look and feel ten days from today?

In Ten Days, you should expect to:
  • Lose 5-20 pounds
  • Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Break addictions to harmful foods
  • Flush toxins and Balance pH
  • Balance hormones and sugar levels
  • Experience greater energy throughout the entire day
  • Learn how to listen to your body for more mindful eating
  • Improve your complexion for glowing, healthy skin
  • Sleep deeply and more restfully

Your body can live without a lot of calories, but it cannot live without a lot of nutrients. The concept is really quite simple. The Reboot Program uses nutrient-dense superfoods, slow-burning carbohydrates and highly digestible protein. It is organic, non-GMO, all vegan and all natural.

The PK Ten Day Reboot gives you the freedom to start anytime and to use private health coaching to guide you through detox in a safe and natural way. It’s the perfect start!

You will immediately receive your Program Guide to get started, and with my daily Nutritional Coaching, I walk you through your Ten Day Reboot with messages to support you for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. With virtual coaching, this Ten Day Reboot can be completed successfully anywhere!

What Does the Ten Day Reboot Do For You?
Burns fat and builds muscle
Helps the body break addictions to harmful foods
Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract

What is Included in My Reboot Program?
  • Superfoods…Certified Organic, Non GMO whole food nutrition with no additives, fillers, binders, excipients, whey, or soy
  • Your Reboot Transformation Guide: provided electronically and with your nutrition, the guide will prepare you for a successful Reboot
  • Daily Email Support and Text messaging support, allowing you to interact and to ask questions as needed
  • Green Powershake (pure green superfood nutrition in a green juice)
  • Tart Cherry Juice(pure tart cherries/melatonin/antioxidants)
  • Super Aminos 23 (vegan source of protein in pill form)
  • Superlytes (pure hydration and electrolytes in a pill form)
  • Fiber Cleanse (pure herbal detox blend)
  • BPA-Free Shaker Bottle
  • List of foods to purchase and to eat with a supporting schedule
  • Daily Support Calls Monday – Friday at 8:30pm eastern
  • Daily Support with my Private Facebook Group
  • Support from a Naturopathic Doctor via phone or email


*Never reduce or discontinue the use of a medication without doctor’s approval. Weight loss results will vary. In 2013, participants reported losing an average of 11.3 pounds in 10 days. The American Medical Association recommends consulting a physician before starting this or any other weight loss regimen.