It’s time for a paradigm shift. YOU ARE WHAT YOU FEED YOUR CELLS!
Visualize this…You have in front of you a large bowl of fettuccine pasta dressed with white cream sauce, sprinkled with pieces of crispy bacon, and interspersed with bright green peas. Fettuccine Carbonara…It sounds lovely, right?
Agreed! It looks and smells glorious. However, within your pasta bowl, how many nutrients exist and how many nutrients will your body digest for energy, weight management, and overall healthy functioning? Instead, you have a bowl of unhealthy saturated fats and processed simple carbs with no significant vitamins, minerals, fiber, or antioxidants, and NO HEALING GREENS!
Have you ever wondered, “what am I eating for?”…Silly question in and of itself. But, this question is at the underpinning of how you perceive yourself, how you use food to treat yourself, and how you fill your plate to fulfill the answer to those two questions. Case in point, my old daily mantra went something like this, “I need and deserve a Diet Coke!” Who was I kidding? What self-respecting person wakes up in the morning saying they deserve 12 ounces of caramel-colored man-made chemicals and acid? Starting with that mindset, that type of position, I had delineated that my life was bad and that I actually deserved no goodness or anything nourishing. I approached my life with lack of respect and those negative thoughts consumed my cells. That’s a key point..don’t miss it! (sorry Diet Coke lovers of the world)
Let’s break this down nice and easy….If a great deal of ingredients, preparation, and packaging were involved, digestion is likely going to be challenging, lengthy, and acid forming in your body, ultimately creating an unhealthy gut that stores fat and creates disease…from bloating to food sensitivities, fatigue, and chronic or autoimmune diseases. What’s more, if you already have an unhealthy gut with symptoms such as bloating, or if you have food issues, fatigue, or joint pains, chances are your body isn’t absorbing ANY nutrients you do include in your diet! A healthy gut must be established and a daily “detox and nourish system,” built around a plant-based diet (only modest amounts of animal protein) is required for long term health.
Eating foods that nourish and serve you on a cellular level, unlike Diet Coke or even Fettuccine Alfredo, provides noticeably higher energy and greater satiation. You will find yourself operating at higher vibration all day long. Whereas, if you are constantly eating acidic and inflammatory foods that deprive your cells (for example dairy, meat, refined sugars and grains such as sweets, bread and pasta), your body will ache, will gain fat cells and will degenerate with a higher risk of disease. When your cells are starving, you are starving and unhealthy. That was me in my days of Diet Coke, pretzels and apples…low calorie, low sugar, low fat, low nutrients!
Specifically 8-10 daily greens, preferably leafy dark greens should be in your daily diet, and even reduced risk of heart disease by 24%! If drug companies made a pill to reduce heart disease by the same amount you’d both take the drug and even invest in the company. Am I right? Why not just eat plants? It’s probably less expensive too!
A plant-based diet provides the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that create chemical reactions in your body for proper gene expression and for nutrients to be metabolized. It’s effective information for your cells to use fats, protein, and carbohydrates.
Try feeding your cells real nutrients and real information to do their job.  You will feel full and happier with less aches and pain. Your clarity of mind improves and you’ll likely lose weight too!
That Starbucks Frappuccino is not serving you or speaking to your cells lovingly and with respect. I’m not saying you have to live like a Saint with a perfect diet and no fun. Just start by overcrowding your cells with the information they need, and then let’s talk about that brownie (yep, I love ’em!).
I’m challenging you to reboot your system! Join my 40 Day Health Made Easy program. I will coach you, just as I’ve done for hundreds of other successful clients, to have daily greens, protein, fats, carbs, and the micronutrients to support a healthy, happy body! Head to the Work With Me tab to get started.